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Agum Gumelar is an Indonesian politician, military, and sportsman. Agum Gumelar is a former minister having held several positions, a retired military officer, a former Indonesian Vice President candidate, a former chairman of Indonesian Football Association and National Sports Committee of Indonesia, and a former West Java Governor candidate.
Agum Gumelar is an alumni from the National Military Academy in Magelang, Central Java. In 1998 he received a masters degree from American World University, an organization forbidden to operate in 2005 because of its diploma mill action. Agum Gumelar was born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, December 17, 1945.

Profil Agum Gumelar
Agum Gumelar Profile (ghiboo)

Agum Gumelar Profile

Name : Letjen TNI Agum Gumelar
Birth Date : Tasikmalaya, 17 December 1945
Religion : Islam
Wife : Linda Amaliasari Achmad Tahir ((daughter of former Menparpostel Achmad Tahir))
Children : Khaseli, Ami
Hobby : Football
Education :
– SD, SMP, SMA, di Bandung, (1964)
– Akademi Militer Nasional (AMN), (1968)

Agum Gumelar Important Organizations and Careers :
– Staf Kopkamtib dan Bakin, (1973-1976)
– Wakil Asintel Kopassus, (1987-1988)
– Asisten Intelijen Kopassus, (1988-1990)
– Asisten Intelijen I Kasdam Jaya, (1991-1992)
– Danrem 043/Garuda Hitam Lampung, (1992-1993)
– Direktur A Badan Intelijen dan Strategis (Bais) ABRI, (1993-1994)
– Komandan Kopassus ke-13, (1993-1994)
– Ketua Liga Amatir PSSI dan Ketua Liga Indonesia, (1993-1995)
– Kasdam I/Bukit Barisan, (1994-1996)
– Staf Ahli Pangab bidang Polkam, (1996)
– Pangdam VII/Wirabuana, (1996-1998)
– Ketua Umum PSSI, (1999-2003 )
– Gubernur Lemhanas, (1998)
– Menteri Perhubungan, (1999-2001)
– Menteri Koordinator Politik, Sosial, dan Keamanan, (2001)
– Menteri Perhubungan Kabinet Gotong Royong, (2001-2004)

Agum Gumelar Biography :

Agum Gumelar born in Tasikmalaya, 17 December 1945. From his marriage with Linda Achmad Tahir, Agum get 2 children, namely Khaseli and Ami. Agum himself graduated from elementary school until his high school in Bandung (1964), then entered the National Military Academy (AMN) 1969.

In (1973-1976), Agum Gumelar had served as KOPKAMTIB staff and Bakin. Then Vice Asintel Kopassus (1987-1988), Assistant Special Forces Intelligence (1988-1990), Assistant for Intelligence I Kasdam Jaya (1991-1992).

In 1992-1993, Agum so Danrem 043/Black Garuda in Lampung. Then Director A Intelligence and Strategic Agency (BAIS) Armed Forces 1993-1994, Kopassus commander of the 13th (1993-1994). In 1994-1996, he was promoted as Kasdam I Bukit Barisan (1994-1996).

Then, Agum was appointed Senior Advisor Armed Forces of Political and Security Affairs (1996), military commander Wirabuana VII (1996-1998), and Governor of National Resilience Institute (1998). Besides active in the military, he is still the Chairman PSSI Amateur League and Chairman of the League of Indonesia (1993-1995) and Chairman of PSSI (1998). In the era of Gus Dur, this 3-star general has served as Minister of Transportation. So, added to his post as Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications.

At the end of the reign of President Gus Dur, Agum was appointed as Coordinating Minister Polsuskam replaced Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Agum continued to popular after he refused a presidential decree. In SI MPR July 2001, Agum was nominated as vice president,but fail.

Do you Know ?
In 1998, Agum received a master’s degree from the American World University, one of the organizations that was banned by the Higher Education (Dikti Depdiknas) in 2005 because selling titles action.

In the West Java governor election in 2008, Agum ran forward with Nu’man Abdul Hakim (Vice Governor of West Java from 2003 to 2008). But this couple (titled as AMAN) failed to obtain election victory.

Agum’s daughter, Amy Gumelar married with Taufik Hidayat (Top Indonesian Badminton player).

Agum Gumelar Photos :
Profil Agum Gumelar
Agum Gumelar Profile (zonaberita)

Profil Agum Gumelar
Agum Gumelar Profile (ghiboo)

Profil Agum Gumelar
Agum Gumelar Profile (masihangat)

Profil Agum Gumelar
Agum Gumelar Profile (ghiboo)

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