Maulid Nabi Muhammad

Mawlid (Qur’anic Arabic:  mawlid(u) (n-)nabiyy(i), “Birth of the Prophet” Standard Arabic:  mawlid an-nabi, sometimes simply called in colloquial Arabic, mawlid, mevlid, mevlit, mulud, milad among other vernacular pronunciations) is a term used to refer to the observance of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which occurs in Rabi’ al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar.

This is a big celebration for many in places such as Indonesia, India, Britain and Canada where many Muslim communities have formed.
Maulid Nabi Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad (muslimstory)

Maulid Nabi Muhammad

Around this time of year many Muslim cultures celebrate the Birthday of their sacred Prophet. Celebration of Birthday of Prophet is a tradition that flourished in Islamic society long after the Prophet Muhammad died. In substance, this warning is an expression of joy and reverence to the Prophet Muhammad.

Maulid Nabi Muhammad History

All scholars agree that the Prophet’s birthday was never celebrated at the time of the Prophet Muhammad’s life and not also in the reign of Khulafaurrasyidin.

Then when the commencement of the Prophet’s birthday anniversary and who was the first time doing it?

Al Maqrizy (a historian of Islam) in his book “Al khutath” explaining that the Prophet’s birthday is celebrated starting on the fourth century Hijriyah by Fathimiyyun Dynasty in Egypt.

Fathimiyyun Dynasty began to master the Egyptian in the year 362 H with first king Al Muiz Lidinillah, in the early years he conquered Egypt, he made a six-day celebration of the birth at the same time, the day of birth (birthday) of the Prophet Muhammad, the day of birth Ali bin Abi Talib, The birthday of Fatima, Hasan birthday, Hussein birthday and the birth of King in power.

Later in the year 487 H in the reign of Al Afdhal The six-day celebration of the birth at the same time are eliminated and not celebrated, this king died in 515 H.

In the year 515 H was inaugurated the new king of the title Al Amir Liahkamillah. He revived the memorial six birthday, so on birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad which fell in Raby’al-Awwal. It is celebrated from year to year until today, and extends almost to the entire world.

Approximate dates for Mawlid, 2011-2013
Gregorian Year 12th of Rabi’-ul-Awwal
17th of Rabi’-ul-Awwal
2011 15 February 20 February
2012 4 February 9 February
2013 24 January 29 January

Maulid Nabi Muhammad Photos :
Maulid Nabi Muhammad
Maulid Nabi Muhammad – Makassar (antaranews)

Maulid Nabi Muhammad
Maulid Nabi Muhammad – Grebeg Sekaten di Masjid Agung Solo (matanews)

Maulid Nabi Muhammad
Maulid Nabi Muhammad – Pakistan (daylife)

Maulid Nabi Muhammad Video :
Maulid Nabi Muhammad – Indonesia

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