Indoleaks – Wikileaks Indonesia

After the virtual world universe was surprised by Wikileaks that leaked the diplomatic wires thousands of government-owned United States (U.S.), now Indonesia also has similar site., this site was ready to reveal secret documents related to incidents that occurred in Indonesia.
Indoleaks - Wikileaks Indonesia
Indoleaks – Wikileaks Indonesia (

Indoleaks – Wikileaks Indonesia

As Wikileaks, Indoleaks also has a state secret documents allegedly been hidden. However, the online site since December 10, 2010 was only related documents events in Indonesia.

For sites that try to reveal the related document events in Indonesia, indoleaks chosen to build ‘headquarters’ in a foreign country. Either for security reasons or because of other considerations. was registered on December 7, 2010 in the Netherlands, specifically in the town of Moergestel. Meanwhile, to continue online, the site uses one internet service provider, Softlayer.

Indoleaks attempts to disassemble the related document events in Indonesia that supposedly had been hidden in the interest of particular agency. The site has posted some documents as a matter of Lapindo mudflow, G30S PKI and Microsoft’s cooperation with the Indonesian government.

In its website, the manager admitted that indoleaks emerged as an answer to the deadlock information. Especially the information likely to be a boomerang for the authorities, politicians and other evil people in Indonesia.

As a medium that carries the freedom of information, Indoleaks admitted that indoleaks is ready to expose all documents are considered to have the public interest, for example, some deviation from certain agencies which allegedly hidden from the public.

Visitors can also contribute to disclose information that spelled ‘secret’ through this site. But Wikileaks have some provisions :

* Documents must be original, with no opinion of the sender in it.
* will mention the source document is ANONYMOUS.
* Document published, a document that HAVE the public interest.
* NOT going to publish information relating to bank accounts, medical records, and other personal secret.
* NOT responsible for the use of the published document.

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3 thoughts on “Indoleaks – Wikileaks Indonesia

  1. Krisnamurti

    It’s Great ! The more you inform us about the undercover Indonesia’s story and history, the better for us to increase Indonesian’s knowledges and conciousness, especially related to G30S, 1965,ORBA 1967-1998,etc.


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