Gelar Pahlawan Indonesia 2010

Presidential spokesman, Julian Aldrin Pasha, explained that today the government will provide decoration and sign services to some figures. “Later at 10am will be announced by Pak Djoko Suyanto,” said Julian.

Currently there are ten names that go into the Board of degree heroes.

  • Mantan Presiden Soeharto,
  • Mantan Gubernur DKI Ali Sadikin yang diusulkan dari Jawa Barat, KH Abdurrahman Wahid atau Gus Dur dari Jawa Timur,
  • Andi Depu dari Sulawesi Barat,
  • Johanes Leimena dari Maluku,
  • Abraham Dimara dari Papua,
  • Andi Makkasau dari Sulawesi Selatan,
  • Pakubuwono X yang juga diusulkan dari Jawa Tengah.

Pahlawan Indonesia (

Plan to give title hero for Soeharto had caused the pros and cons. There are agreed and many of them oppose.

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