Taufik Kiemas was Elected Chairman of MPR 2009-2014

Taufik Kiemas of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle or PDI-P was elected chairman of the People`s Consultative Assembly (MPR) for the 2009-2014 on Saturday.

Kiemas in his speech soon after being elected among other things expressed hope that MPR will really be accountable and trusted by the people.

A few moments before, the assembly`s new leadership was sworn in by the Chief Justice, which was also attended by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

According to Taufik Kiemas successful implementation of the Assembly task will depend also on the success of task of other institutions of the country.

“We invite the President, the House of Representatives, the National Audit Board, Supreme Court, and Constitutional Court to assist each other in accordance with their respective authorities,” Taufik Kiemas, who is also husband of Megawati Soekarnoputri, chairperson of PDI-P said.

Previously, Hatta Rajasa of the National Mandate Party (PAN), who is concurrently Minister/State Secretary expressed his party support on Taufik Kiemas as chairman of the Assembly.

The MPR period of 2004-2009 was chaired by Hidayat Nurwahid from the Prosperous Justice party (PKS).


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