Karen Agustiawan Dirut Pertamina

(picture from kompas, Karen Agustiawan (left))

JAKARTA, THURSDAY – The government decided Karen Agustiawan as President Director of Pertamina replace Ari H Soemarno.

“Appointment will be made Thursday (5 / 2) this afternoon at around 15:00 at the Office of the Ministry of BUMN Jakarta,” said Minister of BUMN Sofyan Djalil in Jakarta on Thursday.

Karen previously served the Director Hulu of PT Pertamina. According Sofyan Djalil, Karen has assessed the capacity to lead the company of PT Pertamina.

Sofyan Djalil also explains, the end of the assessors team led President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also set S Omar Anwar as Deputy Dirut replace iin Arifin Takhyan. Omar served previously Director of PT Rio Tinto.

In addition, the government also set two new commissioners of PT Pertamina, Gita Wirjawan and Sonny Sumarsono. Gita Wiryawan is a owner company of Ancora Capital investment managers and also the former President of JP Morgan Indonesia.

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