Partai Persatuan Pembangunan / PPP Party (24)


Date established: 5 January 1973
Initiator: —
Founder: Fusi from the NU, PSII, Perti and Parmusi
Azas: Pancasila
Party symbol: Figure kabah in the box with a green background color.
General Chairman: Suryadharma Ali
Secretary General: Irgan Chairul Mahfidz
Address: Office DPP PPP, Jl. Diponegoro No.60. Jakarta 10310, Tel / Fax: 021-31936338, 31926164. Fax: 3142558

There is a fountain of democracy over the coming era of reform, had to make many predicted the PPP will drown the existence of PPP. His course, comes from the PPP coalition of Islamic political party 4 ‘forced’ to join by the New Order. So when, the aspirations of Muslim voter is no longer a single, PPP can wreck.

But the analysis was not going fast. In the 1999 elections, PPP is still able to grab 59 seats in the House of Representatives. Similarly in the 2004 elections, they will only be released 1 seat 58 seats in the House of Representatives. PPP pass the exam this PPP is still considered as the power itself.

Entering the year 2009, the PPP must pass a variety of whaling. This image of the party is tested, following Al Amin Nurdi arrested, a member of parliament from the PPP in the case of corruption. Not to mention the issue is not harmonious Ketum PPP, Suryadharma Ali with Bachtiar Chamsyah the same Cabinet member countries at this time.

1. PPP submissive to struggle to establish and develop human and community and who believe in Allah SWT bertaqwa, improve the quality of life, develop Ukhuwah Islamiyah (brotherhood among Muslims). Thus, preventing development of PPP-understood understand Atheism, communism / marxisme / leninisme, and sekularisme, shallow and religion in the life of the nation of Indonesia.
2. PPP submissive to defend human rights and obligations according to the basic human dignity and the dignity of the correct values, especially religious values, the teachings of Islam, with the Ukhuwah basyariyah (brotherhood among men). Thus the PPP and prevent the development of neo-feudalism, understand, understand that harassing human dignity, the process dehumanisasi, discrimination, violence and culture.
3. PPP submissive to keep fighting a sense of security, maintain and strengthen unity and develop the nation Ukhuwah wathaniyah (brotherhood compatriot). Thus the PPP and prevent the disintegration process, the social divisions and conflicts that endanger the integrity of a nation-ber Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

Achievement PEMILU:
1999 = 11,329,905 votes or 10.7% (59 seats in the House of Representatives)
2004 = 9,266,444 votes or 8.16% (58 seats in the House of Representatives)


4 thoughts on “Partai Persatuan Pembangunan / PPP Party (24)

  1. a.suhaimi

    Diperlukan pemimpin yang kuat dan mempunyai visi yang mengedepankan kesejahteraan masyarakat indonesia, dan harus bangkit di segala bidang. Hidup P3 partainya orang Indonesia

    terima kasih pak sekjen karena mempunyai partai P3 dapat diperhitungkan

  2. Magat Siregar

    HAlo P3, saya warga medan marelan, di kota medan, mohon bantuan nya agar saya bisa menjadi anggota aktif partai P3


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