Partai Pemuda Indonesia / PPI Party (14)


Date established: March 5 2007
Initiator: Hasanuddin Yusuf
Founder: Hasanuddin Yusuf, Boston Manurung, Achmad Mudjiyanto
Azas: Pancasila
Party symbol: Tunas five-leaved plants in blue shield.
General Chairman: Hasanuddin Yusuf
Secretary General: M Rivai Daus
Address: Office DPP PPI, Youth Graha Mas Blok AB No.3, Jakarta 13220

Indonesian Youth Party (PPI) grew from the group of youth who led the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI). Some members of the Management KNPI Hasanuddin Yusuf agreed widen pace with the established political parties. PPI be established on 5 March 2007. The establishment is not smooth, the mass organizations under the KNPI criticize the decision of the PPI and the position Ketum Hasanuddin Yusuf who is also head of the political party. However, Hasanuddin Yusuf able to pass all the Management and whipping until 2008.

PPI has the vision to push forward the role of youth in nation building. This party has been declared pass verification by KPU.

Making PPI as a component Wahana Struggle youth and to promote democracy and to supply the nation and the State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Youth make components as SUBJEK (actors) are proactive in determining the policy of the people, nation, and the State.

Achievement PRIOR TO PEMILU: —


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