Partai Peduli Rakyat Nasional / PPRN Party (4)


Date established: 16 February 2006
Initiator: Sutan Raja DL Sitorus
Founder: Sutan Raja DL Sitorus
Azas: Pancasila
Party symbol: Two stars, one big one small pile of diagonal background with a black circle.
General Chairman: Amelia Achmad Yani
Secretary General: Albert H.V.T Simanjuntak
Address: Office PPRN DPP, Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No.148 Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta. Tel. 021-86600284. Fax. 021-86600230

Partai Peduli Rakyat Nasional (PPRN) was founded by leaders Tapanuli who is also prominent businessman Tapanuli in North Sumatra, Sutan King DL Sitorus on 16 February 2006. Color based on the concerns measure patriotism among the younger generation. In the deed, DL Sitorus berposisi as the head of the elder council.

The first is the head of the general Tarida Sinambela, but not long leadership. Due to unstable performance, in the Congress DPW PPRN se-Indonesia 27 November 2008, replaced Tarida revolutionary heroes daughter, Amelia Achmad Yani. Meanwhile, DL Sitorus can not participate in assisting operational PPRN. In 2008, MA strengthen vonis 8 years in prison for doing the best after logging Padanglawas, North Sumatra.

Free from the fetters of the people suffering and injustice.

1. Improve education in order to achieve national life of the nation.
2. Improving the standard of living of the people to achieve just and prosperous society.

Achievement PEMILU: —


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