Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa / PKB Party(13)


Date established: 23 July 1998
Initiator: KH Abdurrahman Wahid
Figure founder: KH Abdurrahman Wahid
Azas: Pancasila
Symbol party: Picture a world of soccer stars, surrounded by nine with the name of any posts at the bottom of the party, with the frame in four-square linear detectors, and written underneath PKB outside of the frame with a single line.
General Chairman: Muhaimin Iskandar
Secretary General: Lukman Edy Soetrisno
Address: Office DPP PKB, Jl No Sukabumi. 23, Menteng DKI Jakarta 10310 Indonesia, 62 21 3155138 Fax 62 21 3155138

The Resurrection Party (PKB) was formed as the political aspirations of container color Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), elders and also the son of the founder of the NU, built birth of PKB. Traditionally, PKB is the same as the constituents of the NU, therefore, East Java NU community who have become the largest contributor barn vote for PKB.

In the way as the organization, PKB get conflict.Some time had occurred dualism Management. Previously on the side of the PKB leadership under the influence of Gus Dur, PKB have Matori Abdul Djalil. In the future, there are also PKB Alwi Shihab, and now the latest Muhaimin Iskandar of PKB.

Gus Dur conflict began with Muhaimin’s dismissal from the seat Ketum Muhaimin PKB. Gus Dur Muhaimin assume too much in the way of their own political issues. Instead, Gus Dur seat Aly Masykur Musa who accompanied daughter, Yenny Wahid. This conflict continues to court and won by so Muhaimin expressed as the parties have the right to follow elections in 2009.

(a) Achieve goal of independence of the Republic of Indonesia as it poured in The Basic Law in 1945;
(b) To realize a just society and a prosperous and born spiritual, material and spiritual;
(c) Implement the national political framework of a democratic, open, clean and berakhlakul karimah.Pasal 8
To achieve the objective, Party efforts to do the following:

Achievement PRIOR TO PEMILU:
1999 = 13,336,982, or 12.6% (51 seats in the House of Representatives)
2004 = 12,002.885 or 10.61% (52 seats in the House of Representatives)


2 thoughts on “Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa / PKB Party(13)

  1. abdullah suminta

    kpd yth ketua umum pkb mohon perhatikan kab.cirebon kinerja dewan yg ada dari dulu smpe sekarang tdk ad perubahan apalagi anggota dewannya dr pusat profinsi kabupaten tdk berubah orang nya,apalagi yg ada di kabupaten khususnya dapil 1 gimana mau berkmbang kalau caleg terpilih tdk pernah ngopeni partai yg mengusungnya di tambah dpc nya saja tdk pernah menegur tindakan yg demikian,kami yg ada ranting jd bingung beginikah kinerja seorang dewan………. bagaimana mau mengurus rakyat ngurus partai sendiri ga bisa,sekali lg tolong perhatikan kab.cirebon dapil 1 & caleg terpilih nya.terima kasih atas nama ranting2 dapil 1


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