Partai Amanat Nasional / PAN Party (9)


Date established: 23 August 1998
Initiator: Amien Rais
Founder: Amien Rais, Goenawan Muhammad, Rizal Ramli, Abdillah Toha, Albert Hasibuan, Toety Heraty, Emil Salim, Faisal Basri, a fatwa, Alvin Lie Ling Pao, Zoemrotin.
Azas Party: Pancasila
Symbol party: Images of the sun is shining with the blue background.
General Chairman: Soetrisno Bachir
Secretary General: Zulkifli Hasan
Address: PAN House, Jl. Public Buncit Raya Kav No. 17 South Jakarta. Phone: (021) 797 5588 Fax: (021) 797 5632

History of the National mandate Party (PAN) is not detached from the figure Amien Rais, the engine of reform movement in 1998. Subvert the success of post-New Order, Amien Rais and 49 colleagues who joined in the Assembly Amanat Rakyat (MARA) feel need to forward the goal of reform in the form a political party. Be dated 23 August 1998, the PAN was founded.

PAN call them selves the party is open, but not part of the public frustrated as the party called the Muhammadiyah. This is not detached from the head of the general figure, Amien Rais who once led the mass organizations Muhammadiyah.

PAN in the 1999 elections that failed to become the first. The entrance is only top5 with taken 7% vote. This percentage in the elections in 2004 decreased 6.4% despite a revenue increase seat parliament. PAN also failed to deliver Amien Rais became president in pilpres 2004.
PAN currently led by Soetrisno Bachir, a home Pekalongan. At the beginning of the year 2008, got a surprise when Soetrisno dominate campaign branding him self in the display-screen television Indonesia.

Indonesia establish a new society based on religious morality, humanity and the principles of democracy. This mission in its implementation always rely on ethical and political fatsun.
Achievement election EARLIER:
1999: 7,528,956 votes, or 7.1% (35 seats in the House of Representatives)
2004: 7,255,331 votes or 6.41% (53 seats in the House of Representatives)


One thought on “Partai Amanat Nasional / PAN Party (9)

  1. nababan

    Dulu saya sgt menyukai PAN namun pd saat PAN mengadopsi byk Caleg dr kalangan selebriti yg nota bene mengurus rmh tangga byk yg beres(amburadul) apalagi berjuang utk rakyat sgh mustahil,doa sy smg caleg PAN dr seleb tdk ada yg jdi agar citra PAN ttap Eksis


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